To Help Provide STEM Activities in our Community.

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Thank you for considering helping our team. Robotics is an expensive activity! We could use help financially or with supplies and services. Our team is a 501 (c) (3) non – profit organization. Donations should be made payable to Out of the Box Robotics with a note or cover letter directing the gift to Out of the Box Robotics FTC team 7244.


The success of Team 7244 is built upon a partnership which provides an exchange of resources and talents between students, industry, and the community. Because schools lack the financial and physical resources needed to support the construction of a robot, we are seeking corporations and other groups to help us develop and enhance this successful partnership. By sponsoring Team 7244, you will allow our students to realize their full potential as the next generation of engineers and scientists. Thank you for your consideration.

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We are 501(3)(c) who relies on the donations of companies and organizations like yours.

Please consider donating to help us further STEM education in our community.

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